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At the Berlin School, we believe that great leadership has the potential to inspire people, transform businesses, and permeate society. We enable professionals not just to learn, but to take their learnings and push boundaries in their fields.

Executive MBA in Creative Leadership

At the heart of the Berlin School is our part-time Executive MBA at Steinbeis University Berlin, a flexible, global program that transforms accomplished professionals into industry-shaping creative business leaders.

Future of Doing

The Future of Doing is a four-day workshop that we call a cultural ‘movement’. It will take place in three cities across the globe and focus on the niche needs of creative teams who deliver innovation as their primary function. The aim is to rethink the key pillars of the employee experience as well as co-design a future workplace for these creative makers to thrive.

Home of Creative Business Leadership

They say home is where the heart is. Our HOME –?the Home of Creative Business Leadership or HCBL –?is simultaneously the heart of our Berlin School community and the heart of the action. It’s a venue where current students and alums can discuss their ideas and challenges, browse a comprehensive library of resources in their pursuit of continuous learning and/or catch up on the latest news and updates on our blog and podcast channels . Non-”Berliners” are also warmly invited to come visit and find inspiration in? our extensive media library as well as thought pieces by and interviews with our global network of academic and industry experts.?

My Berlin School experience continues even years after my graduation thanks to the wonderful network of intelligent, inspiring people it's connected me with.
It made me understand better the direction in which I want to go, and in what areas I need to develop more in order to reach my dreams.
Joining the Berlin School is one of the most important and life-changing of moments. It is a modern melting-pot of creative culture from every continent, where you can truly learn and bring things to life in this real-time-response world. This is the best school for people in creative industries.
The Berlin School had a tremendous impact on my career, because it both inspired me and provided me with the tools to fulfill my dream.
Leading with confidence by empowering others. Success doesn't lie within us as individuals. It lies within the team. With the right leadership and emotional IQ, we can uncap an enormous wealth of capacity.

Creative Business Leadership

The Creative Business Leadership Model? is the foundation of our learning method. It draws on a range of human and organizational learning skills with an underlying drive to respond to complex business activities, evolving technology, and accelerating global markets.